2024 Neco: Coroutine library for C

2024 AA-tree: Single header file AA-tree in C

2023 TG: Geometry library for C.

2023 Polygon Indexing: New methods for optimized point-in-polygon.

2023 json.c: A JSON library for C.

2022 Expr: Expression evaluator for Go.

2022 Redis compatible server framework for Rust.

2022 R-tree implementation in Rust.

2021 B-tree Path Hints: A B-tree search optimization.

2021 Rust port of GJSON.

2020 rtree.c: R-tree implementation in C.

2020 btree.c: B-tree implementation in C.

2020 hashmap.c: Hash map implementation in C.

2020 Uhaha: Framework for making highly available programs.

2020 A generalized package manager for whatever code.

2019 RetroSwiper: A card swipe game system.

2019 Shardmap: A simple and efficient thread-safe sharded hashmap for Go.

2018 Evio: Event-loop networking library.

2017 Redcon: Redis compatible server framework for Go.

2017 Pinhole: 3D wireframe drawing library.

2017 Pretty: Efficient JSON beautifier and compactor for Go.

2016 JJ: JSON stream rditor using the GJSON syntax (command line utility).

2016 SummitDB: In-memory NoSQL database with ACID transactions and Raft consensus.

2016 GJSON: Library for quickly getting values out of a JSON document.

2016 BuntDB: An embeddable, in-memory key/value database.

2016 Tile38: Real-time geospatial and geofencing server.

2015 Digital rain: Falling text, Matrix-esque.

2014 SwiftWebSocket: WebSocket client library for iOS and Mac OSX.

2013 Avios: Real-time H264 decoding library for iOS.

2009 Golfshot: An app for golfers.

2008 C Cod: Compile C on Demand

2004 Xaint: A text data format and library.

2004 SBXP: A fast stream-based XML parser written in C.

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